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Step by Step Press On Nails Tutorial

Sponsored by Dashing Diva

I have used press on manis before but I wasn't very impressed with the quality, so when I got this one my expectations were pretty low. But I was so surprised with how amazing Dashing Diva nails are!
Ever since I shared my super cute mani on my Instagram I got SO many questions about it so I decided to do a step by step tutorial so you can also see how easy and quick they are to put on. So let's get started:

Valentines Pt 2: Pants and Roses

Photography by: Angel Torres

OMG Valentine's Day is around the corner! 😱With so many options on what to wear, I wanted to do a version with pants. 

Want to hear a funny story? when I was a little girl I used to have an unreasonable phobia to pants. My mom could not even mention the word pants to me because I would throw a tantrum and cry. Cut to the 32 year old me that now wears pants for 90 % of the time. I think it was because when I was a little girl I had this idea embedded that pants = boys and apparently I hated boys? Any way I am glad I grew out of it because I was missing out on a lot of flexibility and fun 😂
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