January 2018 - Miles + Smiles







Winter Travel Skin Care with Olay

2018 started in such an amazing way! I finally am starting to feel like I’m settling into my Minnesota life with my hubby and Milo. And it also started with some of the things I enjoy the most; traveling. Last week I was in New York shooting some new stuff for Target.

But with traveling it also comes some worries like how to keep my skin happy and healthy while I’m on the road? Traveling takes a big toll on both our bodies and skin and I try my best to keep them both healthy. One of my secret weapons this winter has been the new Olay Whips! I have been using the Luminous line and it gives me the perfect amount of radiance without the shine- my skin can get pretty oily. So, what make it so special? Well, for starters the texture of it is like nothing I’ve felt before, almost like a velvet soft feeling. It also helps to minimize the appearance of pores and I am all up for it!


Macy's Resort Swimwear Fashion Show Recap

Photography by: Angel Torres

This year I have found myself at a lost for words more often than not, in a good way! So many amazing things have happened and its only January! 

I had the pleasure to co-host the Macy's Resort Swimwear Fashion show at the Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, MN. This was my very first event as a blogger and of course I was super nervous! I have more often than not been always behind the scenes and creating this events but I've never been the talent so this was really scary! But what helped me the most was my hubby (as always) and meeting my fellow co-host Lindsay Higgings and we bonded over cocktails in New York. She helped me feel more at ease and also guided me thru the usual process since she has done a couple of these already. 


Debunking the Laser Hair Removal Myths

Photography by: Angel Torres

The first time I had laser hair removal was from what I thought one of the most respected clinics, turned out to be a total scam. Maybe you have heard about American Laser Center and how they ripped off thousands of people with treatments they paid in advance. Thankfully I was "done" with my treatment but I was never happy with the results and well needless to say the "life time touch ups" they promised were not going to happen. 

I am Latina, and my hair is pretty dark and I am quite hairy. Shaving every other day is becoming way too much and a little tedious to be honest. Not to mention that I also suffer from ingrown hairs. So the whole, nice and smooth legs it has never really been true for me. The first time I attempted laser hair removal was for my underarms and my upper lip. The under arm was pretty good and I have to barely shave once in a while but my upper lip was the biggest waste of money, literally didn't budge. So I gave up and went back to regular shaving after a couple thousand dollars later. Yep, you red that right thousands. Until I discovered Pure Lux Med Spa.


These Shoes Were Made For Hustling: Embracing my inner Girl Boss

This is a sponsored conversation with Shoes Of Prey, but all opinions and text are my own.

Photography by: Angel Torres

First post of 2018! YAY! I’m hoping to set the tone for this entire year with this post and all the goals I have for my brand and my blog. I don’t think there would be a better way to start the year but with a great pair of heels that scream Girl Boss like this ones from Shoes Of Prey.

This year I am truly not feeling the whole “resolutions” thing. I think it just leads to disappointments. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals for this year, to the contrary I have way too many goals! But I rather chose to have a clear understanding of my goals and working one day at the time to get there. I don’t know when I’ll get them but I am happy knowing that I have 365 opportunities to get there.

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