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Lace & Sangria for the perfect rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal dinners are a moment to bond with both your family and your significant other’s family and friends. If they have not met before (like our families did) then it could turn a bit awkward. So to add to that stress you have to plan for a place, the menu, whether you will have a fixed menu or each person gets to order what they want.

The one thing I can tell you is that you should be comfortable, whatever you choose to wear that night, while you want to feel cute and your best self, remember that the night will be hectic and you are there to enjoy it, not to be bothered by over complicated outfits. I wanted to be super comfy so I got this SammyDress white lace dress and Rose Wholesale short sandals that kept me going all night.


3 lessons for the right way to approach flowers

Photo: BlueSpark Photography
I was going to write a long, lengthy post about the wedding but I figured it was better to break it down into sections. Perhaps that way I could make it a bit more digestible and easier to use as a reference for you guys.
In this post, we will take a dive into the beautiful world of flowers! Possibly my favorite topic in all of my wedding planning since I am truly obsessed with flowers- if you follow my Instagram you know. I think I’ve basically been planning my wedding on Pinterest for the last 5 years! So yes, way before I even got engaged my entire wedding was pretty much laid out on my “wedding” board and flowers were a big chunk of all the pins. 

My favorite flowers are peonies but unfortunately, fall was not necessarily the best season for them. So that was my first lesson: If you want to keep costs down, get flowers that are in season. I could have ordered them (and yes your florist will find them) but they were going to be 4 times their regular price. I love them, but not that much. So I started thinking what is it that I love about peonies? Is it the colors, the texture, the size? After a bit of soul-searching, I figured my favorite thing about them was their texture and how dimensional they are. So I worked with my florist and we found some options to choose from.


Why we chose a small honeymoon

Sunglasses: Zaful
Bathing suit: Mirror Me
I’m back! It’s been a month since my last post, but I had to take a small break to focus on the big day, and it was totally worth it! That day was everything we dreamed of! I won’t elaborate on it now, but I promise I will make a blog post about it, ups and downs and all that good stuff.

For now I want to talk to you about the honeymoon. I had heard a lot of things regarding the honeymoon and we’re raised with many ideas of how it’s supposed to go, right? I won’t lie, my now-hubby and I had a couple of big fights regarding the honeymoon destination, because, yes, I wanted the big, all-out honeymoon that the movies and stories had planted in my head. I wanted to go to Hawaii. I wanted the romantic sunsets, the champagne, and the beautiful exotic beaches. But when the reality of our finances kicked in, well… hubby was right.

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