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A Juicy Lucy Celebration

Photography by: Miles + Smiles Productions
 This post is sponsored by Tillamook. All opinions are my own.

Hubby and I got to enjoy a fun date night with Tillamook yesterday night. With their recent arrival to the Twin Cities, they invited us to enjoy an extremely yummy meal from their Melty Fest tour at Handsome Hog in Saint Paul to celebrate the infamous Juicy Lucy.

If you don't know what a Juicy Lucy is well let me introduce to you one of man's best inventions. It is a burger, but unlike any burger (and i've had a few around the states) this one is patty STUFFED with cheese!! Yup, you read that right!

We got to enjoy these yummy Juicy Lucy sliders from Chef Justin Sutherland and I have no more words other than YUUUUM! Super juicy and of course very cheesy. He was kind enough to share with use his recipe so you can also do it at home:


For Pimento Cheese:

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar, shreds 2 cups
Pimento diced fine 1.25 cuos
Cream Cheese 1 cup
Dukes Mayo 1 cup
Hot Sauce 2 tsp
Kosher salt 2 tsp
Sugar 1/4 tsp
Cayenne pepper 1/8 tsp
White pepper 1/4 tsp
Bourbon smoked paprika 2.5 tsp

Mix well and cool until needed. Yields 4 cups

To assemble Juicy Lucys, stuff 2 ounces pimento cheese between 2 4-ounce burger patties. Season with salt and pepper, and sear in a cast iron pan.

Voilá! There you have it! We were greeted with the most gorgeous and tasty cheese spread because duh! Tillamook has the best cheeses along with some cocktails like the I am yout Huckleberry which had gin and lavender and was delish.

Did I mentioned it was a triple date? We got to hang out with Taylor from The Styled Press and CJ from Everyday Chiffon and their hubs! It is always so fun to get to hand out with other bloggers and their significant others and get to know them better! 

We also got to enjoy some yummy appetizers like shrimp hushpuppies and an amazing banana cake dessert that I am still dreaming of! 

All and all, it was an amazing gastronomic experience curated by Chef Justin Sutherland and you can also experience it all at The Handsome Hog in Saint Paul from August 12-18!


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