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A Broke Girls’ Guide to Cheap Flights

This week I have been scrambling between a very tough time at work, moving offices, wedding planning  and finding time to book my next flight to Miami, but here we are.  I finally found an inexpensive flight and in the process, I realized that I have a few tips to share!

When I started this long-distance-relationship journey a couple of years back I never really thought that I would spend SO MUCH money on travel, but voilà! Fast forward to present time and a couple thousand dollars later, I have learned a bit – or a lot. My credit coming out of Miami was awful, to say the least, so getting a rewards credit card was not an option.  Expensive flights weren’t an option either, so I sought out to find the best website to look for cheap flights.


Our Story

So this is the part where you all will get to know us...

My fiancé, and I have been together for about 12 years – a lifetime, basically. The first seven were on and off. We were both growing up and as much as we wanted to be involved, a serious relationship so young just didn’t work. A lot of people ask me why I stayed, or why I’m still with him.

I come from a family of VERY loyal women. My grandma was married to my grandpa for 50+ years until she died a couple of years back. My mom is still with my dad after 32 years of marriage. We are women wired to be loyal and to stick to our man until the end. We don’t give up easily and we truly believe that when something is broken you fix it; you don’t just throw it away.


Miles + Music

Among some of the things you will find on my blog are this playlist that I will make along the way, and they will have some Spanish songs sprinkled in them. I have found that music is one of my best friends (and worst) in this long distance thing. These are some of the songs that soothe my soul and help me get thru days when I really, really am missing him.

Hope you guys like it!

Dentro de las muchas cosas que van a encontrar en mi blog son estos playlists que voy a estar haciendo. La mayoria de las canciones van a ser en ingles pero con una que otra canción es español. Para mi la música se ha convertido en mi major y peor amigo en todo este cuento de larga distacia. Son canciones que me hacen sentir un poco mejor en dias en que lo extraño.

Espero que les guste!


1351 miles later

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog and my first post. My name is Claudia Camargo and I currently live in Austin, TX. My fiancé and I have been on a long distance relationship for about 2 yrs and 8 mo and we have been engaged for 1 yr and almost 3 mo, God I cannot believe it's been this long! It has been tough - actually very tough, but it has been worth it, fights and all. He lives in Miami and I live in Austin (as I mentioned before), but I will tell you more about our 12 year relationship in another post.

I want to open up my story because I am sure a lot of you are going thru a similar situation or maybe you have had on the past and we can all share tips and tricks to make this... well, a bit "easier". Don't be fooled by the name of my blog, although this crazy experience has brought many smiles, it has also been difficult and it hasn't been easy.

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