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What's in my gym bag?

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Yoga has been amazing! There was one small set back over the weekend –my fiancé and I had food poisoning. Yeah, no fun.

Up until then, I was able to do one full class and three mini-classes of the Gaia everyday series. Since I am recently getting started and some of you have shared with me that you are on board for this fitness journey, I wanted to share what I carry in my gym bag that keeps me motivated and feeling comfortable and fresh while I work out.

Since I’m always on the go, jumping from wedding, to yoga, to work, to blog; being perfectly prepped is a big deal for me. One of the things I know I have under control is using Always Sheer Dailies and the Always Feminine Wipes. The liners are so thin, you can barely feel them! Because of yoga, this is one of the main things I keep in mind when I choose what to wear while I work out. Many of the yoga poses can be tricky and these liners have absolutely kept up with them! I love that the wipes are are individually wrapped so I can slip a couple in my gym bag without bringing the entire pack.


Finding my way back to yoga, no excuses!

It’s been a very stressful couple of months. Not only being back in Miami, but planning a wedding and adjusting to living with my fiancée again has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I stopped going to yoga about a month before I moved from Austin, only because there were a lot of pieces that needed to come together to make the move possible.

Which means, I have not been exercising at all! I am blessed with a high metabolism and I do not gain much weight. However, this is not about losing weight, but more about how I feel about myself. Living back in Miami has been good, but I miss the sense of tranquility Austin gave me. Recently, I took a trip to Austin and I realized that that peace has to come from within and not a place. I remembered that during my best moments in Austin, I was going to yoga regularly.

So, here I am getting back to it.

Celebrating my 30th birthday like a 30 year old should

My fiancé and I were born in the same week. As a matter of fact, we were born one day apart (and one year), so we always make a week out if it and use our birthdays as a legit excuse to get away from everything.

As I mentioned to you all before, we developed a tradition of traveling for our birthdays. This year, since we are getting married and we need to save some money, we decided to stay here in Miami and celebrate with our closest friends.

My fiancé’s family – and my future family –gifted us a spa day at Enliven, the JW Marriot Miami’s spa. In case you are ever in Miami and want to have an amazing, relaxing day, check out my review.
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