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Valentines Pt 2: Pants and Roses

Photography by: Angel Torres

OMG Valentine's Day is around the corner! ๐Ÿ˜ฑWith so many options on what to wear, I wanted to do a version with pants. 

Want to hear a funny story? when I was a little girl I used to have an unreasonable phobia to pants. My mom could not even mention the word pants to me because I would throw a tantrum and cry. Cut to the 32 year old me that now wears pants for 90 % of the time. I think it was because when I was a little girl I had this idea embedded that pants = boys and apparently I hated boys? Any way I am glad I grew out of it because I was missing out on a lot of flexibility and fun ๐Ÿ˜‚

Valentine's Part 1: Sexy Date Night

Photography by: Angel Torres

Crazy to believe that we are already at that point into 2019 where we are talking about V-day already, right?! Seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the end of 2018.

So, let's get started. The first look is Sexy Date Night. Not a lot of people feel comfortable exploring their sexy side, and I must say I may be one of them. I am rather modest at times specially when things get busty I don't necessarily jump into it. But when the right pice comes along you just gotta go for it! and if there is a time to explore this might as well be on a romantic date on Valentine's.

One Piece Two Seasons: The Tulle Skirt

Welcome to the first edition of One Piece Two Seasons! This is the first blog series that I am launching and hopefully I will be posting at least 1 blog post a month about it. So why am I creating this? Well, I've come to realize that not everyone has the budget to update their wardrobe every single season. Most of us keep pieces that we want to re-use but now that I live in real seasons I have missed wearing some pieces that I really love because I store them away an completely forget about them because they are not "winter" or "summer" pieces.

But let's let that sink in... winter or summer pieces... or fall or spring pieces? who defines when you can use a certain piece or not? ok granted, I will not wear denim shorts on this feels like 9F degree whether but there are certain pieces that if styled correctly and layered up properly can totally be used in different seasons.

So let's begin these series with one of my fave pieces that I got last year; the tulle skirt.

Starting The Year With On The Right Foot With Kamik

Photography by: Joy By Jo

Oh hey 2019! We welcomed the new year with a beautiful snowy night. And it was the perfect way to end it! We live in Minnesota as you all know and by now (I think) we are used to the cold. But I must say this year it has been pretty amazing, but also global warming ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Since it started snowing in the early afternoon hours we decided to take a small trip to Stillwater, MN for lunch. We put on our Kamik boots, which by the way are just amazing! 

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