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A Juicy Lucy Celebration

Photography by: Miles + Smiles Productions
 This post is sponsored by Tillamook. All opinions are my own.

Hubby and I got to enjoy a fun date night with Tillamook yesterday night. With their recent arrival to the Twin Cities, they invited us to enjoy an extremely yummy meal from their Melty Fest tour at Handsome Hog in Saint Paul to celebrate the infamous Juicy Lucy.

If you don't know what a Juicy Lucy is well let me introduce to you one of man's best inventions. It is a burger, but unlike any burger (and i've had a few around the states) this one is patty STUFFED with cheese!! Yup, you read that right!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in New Orleans

Creating new traditions is a brand new concept in my family. Now that we are older while embracing our families traditions, we also want to create our own and while we are figuring out how to do that we decided to take our first girls trip with my mom and sister to New Orleans.

Why New Orleans? hmmm you would have to ask my sister, she was the one that picked it but it is a city that I have passed through on my way and back to and from Austin a couple of years ago and that I was very curious about. I partnered up with the cutest hotel in Downtown New Orleans called the NOPSI hotel.

Age Is Just A Number

Post sponsored by AARP Cincuentañeros and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. Opinions are 100% my own.

If I had a dollar for every time I'm told "OMG are you seriously 33?!" I would be RICH! and yes, sometimes it can work to my advantage specially now that I am getting older in age... but it has been a big issue when it come to my career.

I had the opportunity to share an amazing dinner with AARP Cincuentañeros back in May while I was down in Long Beach for We All Grow where they made this safe space to talk about age, what it means and how we limit, or rather society limits us just because of our age through their campaign #Cincuentañeros. It's all about celebrating you wherever you are in live without counting the years!

They presented us with this term "ageism" and how much it impacts our day to day lives. This hit very closely to home, because I have battled for a while with how young I look.

Top 3 Summer Adventures in Minneapolis

 This post is sponsored by on behalf of popchips

One of my favorite things about living in Minneapolis is that the amount of summer activities and places to discover is infinite. You can literally pick up and drive in search of an outdoor adventure and you will find a cute little spot 15 mins out.

Here are 3 summer activities that are a must if you live in the Twin Cities area: 
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