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Miles + Wedding: Lace & Sangria for the perfect rehearsal dinner

October 20, 2016

Rehearsal dinners are a moment to bond with both your family and your significant other’s family and friends. If they have not met before (like our families did) then it could turn a bit awkward. So to add to that stress you have to plan for a place, the menu, whether you will have a fixed menu or each person gets to order what they want.

The one thing I can tell you is that you should be comfortable, whatever you choose to wear that night, while you want to feel cute and your best self, remember that the night will be hectic and you are there to enjoy it, not to be bothered by over complicated outfits. I wanted to be super comfy so I got this SammyDress white lace dress and Rose Wholesale short sandals that kept me going all night.

Dress: SammyDress
Sandals: Rose Wholesale
Bag: Coach
Rehearsal dinner to me was on the back burner to be honest, my wedding planner (Ximena from Zoilina Events) was the one that made the magic happen for that night. I had way too much on my plate with the wedding so I basically just told her what kind of food we wanted, our few favorite restaurants and she came back with options. So we ended up renting the back patio at one of our favorite Peruvian/Japanese fusion restaurant because trust me there is no better food than sushi and peruvian ceviche together. So we did a fixed menu with some vegan options, bought a couple of sangria pitchers and voilá!  

Everyone loved the food and had such a great time. My hubby brought me mariachis and serenaded me (which is a Colombian tradition of the night before the wedding). I cried for about 4 of the 8 songs they sang and in that moment I knew I was marrying the love of my life and my best friend - not that I didn't know before, but this just confirmed it.

Miles + Wedding: 3 lessons for the right way to approach flowers

October 18, 2016
Photo: BlueSpark Photography
I was going to write a long, lengthy post about the wedding but I figured it was better to break it down into sections. Perhaps that way I could make it a bit more digestible and easier to use as a reference for you guys.
In this post, we will take a dive into the beautiful world of flowers! Possibly my favorite topic in all of my wedding planning since I am truly obsessed with flowers- if you follow my Instagram you know. I think I’ve basically been planning my wedding on Pinterest for the last 5 years! So yes, way before I even got engaged my entire wedding was pretty much laid out on my “wedding” board and flowers were a big chunk of all the pins. 

My favorite flowers are peonies but unfortunately, fall was not necessarily the best season for them. So that was my first lesson: If you want to keep costs down, get flowers that are in season. I could have ordered them (and yes your florist will find them) but they were going to be 4 times their regular price. I love them, but not that much. So I started thinking what is it that I love about peonies? Is it the colors, the texture, the size? After a bit of soul-searching, I figured my favorite thing about them was their texture and how dimensional they are. So I worked with my florist and we found some options to choose from.
For some reason, I had originally had this ridiculous idea of doing all the flowers for my wedding by myself. Yeah, I’m insane! But since our budget was so tight and the centerpieces were just terrariums, at some point my little brain decided to say: “meh, we got this”. Umm no, I was dead wrong and I am so glad I decided to go ahead and find a florist to take care of absolutely everything.

Speaking of florists, I worked with Field of Flowers; they have several locations in South Florida. They have a subdivision called Lush Celebrations, which is their event planning division created back in 2010 with the goal of providing a one-on-one interaction with customers that are planning a celebration. One of the most important things I wanted for my wedding was the ability to make it feel like “US”, I absolutely did not want to be part of a cookie-cutter wedding design package. 

I brought them reference photos and had an in-person meeting with them to go over what I had in mind. They were incredible, whenever I felt lost Anne from Lush jumped in to give me some suggestions. Second lesson: bring pictures! If you see a photo you like, save it. It will come in handy for you and your florist to help bring your vision to life, the more images you can provide, the better. While I had no theme, I had several personal traits that I wanted every single little detail of our wedding to reflect; we like simple, we like modern with a hint of rustic and we like clean. I could not have been happier with the end result! I truly felt like they heard every single idea I had in mind, and they made it come together beautifully. 

Photo: BlueSpark Photography
They even helped me create a hairpiece that was kind of a last minute thing I wanted to do and I intended to do it myself. When I asked for some advice on what glue to get she just said: “we can do it, don’t worry about it” and boy was I glad!! Which brings me to my Third lesson: you cannot do everything yourself. There was one thing I decided to do myself, the simple mason jars decorations that went along the church’s aisle, but to be fair, they were clear mason jars with white hydrangeas, pretty simple. I wanted to make these just to add some extra texture along the church aisle (since the church was pretty plain to begin with) but other than that it was Lush and Field of Flowers that made all my flower dreams come true for our big day! Thank you so much!

Photo: BlueSpark Photography
Enjoy the photos! xoxo

Miles + Honeymoon: Why we chose a small honeymoon

October 6, 2016
Sunglasses: Zaful
Bathing suit: Mirror Me
I’m back! It’s been a month since my last post, but I had to take a small break to focus on the big day, and it was totally worth it! That day was everything we dreamed of! I won’t elaborate on it now, but I promise I will make a blog post about it, ups and downs and all that good stuff.

For now I want to talk to you about the honeymoon. I had heard a lot of things regarding the honeymoon and we’re raised with many ideas of how it’s supposed to go, right? I won’t lie, my now-hubby and I had a couple of big fights regarding the honeymoon destination, because, yes, I wanted the big, all-out honeymoon that the movies and stories had planted in my head. I wanted to go to Hawaii. I wanted the romantic sunsets, the champagne, and the beautiful exotic beaches. But when the reality of our finances kicked in, well… hubby was right.

Miles + Wedding: A Glossary for the Bilingual Bride

September 2, 2016

Oh, to be bilingual! The joy of having two languages in your mind at all times and simultaneously alternating from one to the other without even flinching. We have been blessed with this great gift but when it comes to a formal affair, it feels a bit like a curse! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn't change this for the world but I have had such a hard time creating a bilingual wedding.

Our wedding is a couple of days away, but I’ve had the intention to write this for a while since I lived through this experience. This guide might be helpful to future bilingual brides. This time of celebration will also be a time of reuniting family from Colombia whom we have not seen in over 15 years. There is a lot of pressure to make them feel comfortable since it's an environment they have never been to, however, we also have a big part of the invitees that live or are from the United States. So, basically everything has to be in both languages (thank God we live in Miami and having a bilingual ceremony is an option!).

Miles + Wedding: Staying safe while online shopping for the big day!

August 29, 2016

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CHASE. The opinions and text are all mine. 

One of the biggest things to stress about while planning a wedding is money. Sadly, a day that special relies heavily on some sort of a budget. Whether big or small, this day is tied to a number.

As you all know by now, my fiance’ and I decided to get married this Fall and we actually wanted to! Not only because we have a lot going on in the first half of the year (family birthdays, anniversaries, etc), but also because we think it’s one of the best seasons. Our venue had an AMAZING off-season rate and that was the reason we decided to book Villa Woodbine. The house is incredible and they take care of absolutely everything from catering to valet. They even provide a beautiful clear tent with A/C, which in Miami is an absolute steal!

Miles + Beauty: Must-haves to feel your very best

August 26, 2016

I’m very happy and excited to partner up with Dove to bring to you my must-haves to feel my very best everyday. While a big part of feeling your best is your confidence, some beauty or personal care products can help the cause, and we all like to have that little “umph” to take us to the next level of confidence!

I have a very simple daily beauty routine because, well, I have a full-time job. Each thing that I decide to include in it has to have a very specific purpose, and I must be able to count on it to work all day long. From my makeup to my personal care products I always make sure to use the best, and by best I don’t mean expensive. You guys already know that I don’t do expensive and even more so now that my wedding is around the corner.

Miles + Smiles turns one! Cheers!

August 17, 2016

How crazy it is that its been a whole year since I began my blog?! From the very bottom of my heart I want to thank each one of you, my readers, for coming with me on this journey.

A lot has happened this year. Now, a month away from tying the knot, I reflect back to all the big and small moments that made me start Miles + Smiles. So you all know, Miles + Smiles started because I simply needed an outlet to vent; a way to deal with my long distance relationship. But, then the blog grew and eventually, my fiancée and I were able to close the distance. A lot of people continued to ask: Ok, so now what is the blog going to be about? Are you going to change the name? At the beginning, my answer was a simple “I don’t know” -- I wanted to let the blog evolve into whatever it needed to be.

I do believe that the best things in life happen organically, without over planning or over thinking. That’s what happened with this blog; it happened one day while I was visiting my fiancé. We were eating ribs and drinking beer. He said to me, “you should start a blog.” The idea had been in my mind for quite a while, but I could not find the right angle. He said “just start it” and so I did. Quite possibly the best decision I have ever made.

This blog has been fun, it has never felt like a chore. Honestly, I feel that everything I write has taken me into a new experience. Both personally and professionally, this blog made me grow and learn things that I really never thought I would encounter.

Through my blog, I’ve also met amazing people and the true meaning of empowering one another. I do have role models and one day I hope to be like them, and I also have bloggers of my “size” that I help out and they help me. It made me see that blogging is not about a competition, and that you should always focus on improving yourself before comparing to other bloggers.

So all and all, it’s been a great first year! Here is to many more… cheers!

Increíble que ya haya pasado todo un año! Y desde lo mas profundo de mi corazón muchas gracias a cada uno d mis seguidores por acompañarme en esta aventura. 

Han pasado tantas cosas en este año que ahora que estamos a solo un mes de nuestra boda me pongo a pensar en todas las cosas grandes y pequeñas que me hicieron comenzar Miles + Smiles. Para que sepan, este blog empezó por mi necesidad de tener un lugar en donde pudiese sacar lo que llevaba por dentro y a la vez poder sobrellevar mi relación de larga distancia. Pero el blog creció y creció y logramos volver a vivir juntos. Mucha gente me preguntaba que iba a pasar con el blog? que si le iba cambiar el nombre? y yo simplemente decir "no se" porque quería que el blog solito se desarrollara y tomara el rumbo que tenia que tomar.

Yo en realidad creo que las mejores cosas en la vida pasan orgánicamente. Sin tanta planeación y sin tanto pensarlo, solo pasan. Y así paso este blog, un día cuando estaba visitando a mi novio, comiendo costillas y tomando cerveza el me dijo "deberías empezar un blog" y le dije que si lo había estado pensado por un tiempo pero que no sabia que ángulo darle y el solo me dijo "solo empieza" y así fue, simplemente lo empece. Y probablemente ha sido la mejor decision de mi vida.

Este blog ha sido una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida, y jamas he dejado que se me convierta en un deber. Honestamente siento que con todos los posts que he escrito me ha llevado a nuevas experiencias. Tanto personales como profesionales, este blog me ha ayudado a crecer y aprender cosas que jamas me imagine que yo iba a tener.

También me ha hecho conocer gente increíble y me hizo aprende el significado de ayudarnos a crecer los unos con los otros. Que los blogs y la industria de las bloggers no es una competencia y que siempre hay que enfocarse en uno mismo para ser mejor y siempre dar la mano a la gente que necesita un consejo. Intento no compararme con otras bloggers, al contrario, soy feliz viendo que les va bien y también las promuevo en mis canales de social media. Es importante tener un modelo a seguir como inspiración pero jamas para competir. 

Ha sido un año inolvidable, asé que ¡Salud por muchos mas!

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