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Making Your Way Back Into Fitness Less Painful

Photography by: Angel Torres

My fitness journey has been like a roller coaster. I hit an all-time high and then I get sick or I have to travel and that’s the end of that. I think consistency has been an issue for me ever since I can remember, even if I try. But now that I’m about to turn 32 and hopefully start a family soon, I want to break old bad habits and “adult” more.

I don’t work out to lose weight, thankfully I don’t need to. I work out for mental health and as a stress reducer. I took a looooong break from it because I was focusing on some other areas in my life but about 2 weeks ago as I was going to bed I thought to myself “maybe tomorrow I’ll work out” and the thought grew overnight and, in the morning, I was actually pretty excited about it.

Inspired by "The Women I Work With"

I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing women. BAS ASS WOMEN. Women that have showed me how to be tough but professional, to rock presentations and productions while rocking a baby bump and looking amazing while doing it.

But that has not always been the case. We live in a men's world and we all know that but I am so glad to be part of a generation that said "Enough!" and armed themselves to be the change the world desperately needed. Initially I wanted this blog post to be about the amazing sense of fashion that this girl bosses have but as I was writing it, it felt off. It felt like something more important was missing and I was completely reducing them to their sense of fashion. Which, don't get me wrong I do believe that success and a good sense of fashion and self care go hand in hand but it is not the only thing that matters.

Weekend Vibes: Track Pants Two Ways

Photography by: Sweet Petite Photography

This week felt like the longest week ever, didn't it? Im so glad the weekend is here. I have a pretty busy weekend ahead but I always try to think of weekends as the perfect moment to explore and experiment with new outfits.

Creating the Minneapolis Blogger Union

Photography by: Angel Torres & Carly Mac Photography 

Almost 2 weeks ago I saw I dream I had 5 months ago become a reality. Creating a space for bloggers by bloggers where we could learn, grow and support each other in the Twin Cities.

Last October at the Fashion Week Minneapolis kick-off party I met Samantha from Downtown Blondie, or well she actually rescued me because I was alone in a corner ha! And being the sweet adorable girl she is we talked all night and I told her this crazy idea I had and asked her if she would be interested on helping me build it. Without hesitation she said yes and I knew right there and then that I had a partner in crime.

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