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Inspired by "The Women I Work With"

I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing women. BAS ASS WOMEN. Women that have showed me how to be tough but professional, to rock presentations and productions while rocking a baby bump and looking amazing while doing it.

But that has not always been the case. We live in a men's world and we all know that but I am so glad to be part of a generation that said "Enough!" and armed themselves to be the change the world desperately needed. Initially I wanted this blog post to be about the amazing sense of fashion that this girl bosses have but as I was writing it, it felt off. It felt like something more important was missing and I was completely reducing them to their sense of fashion. Which, don't get me wrong I do believe that success and a good sense of fashion and self care go hand in hand but it is not the only thing that matters.

Weekend Vibes: Track Pants Two Ways

Photography by: Sweet Petite Photography

This week felt like the longest week ever, didn't it? Im so glad the weekend is here. I have a pretty busy weekend ahead but I always try to think of weekends as the perfect moment to explore and experiment with new outfits.

Creating the Minneapolis Blogger Union

Photography by: Angel Torres & Carly Mac Photography 

Almost 2 weeks ago I saw I dream I had 5 months ago become a reality. Creating a space for bloggers by bloggers where we could learn, grow and support each other in the Twin Cities.

Last October at the Fashion Week Minneapolis kick-off party I met Samantha from Downtown Blondie, or well she actually rescued me because I was alone in a corner ha! And being the sweet adorable girl she is we talked all night and I told her this crazy idea I had and asked her if she would be interested on helping me build it. Without hesitation she said yes and I knew right there and then that I had a partner in crime.

Winter Travel Skin Care with Olay

2018 started in such an amazing way! I finally am starting to feel like I’m settling into my Minnesota life with my hubby and Milo. And it also started with some of the things I enjoy the most; traveling. Last week I was in New York shooting some new stuff for Target.

But with traveling it also comes some worries like how to keep my skin happy and healthy while I’m on the road? Traveling takes a big toll on both our bodies and skin and I try my best to keep them both healthy. One of my secret weapons this winter has been the new Olay Whips! I have been using the Luminous line and it gives me the perfect amount of radiance without the shine- my skin can get pretty oily. So, what make it so special? Well, for starters the texture of it is like nothing I’ve felt before, almost like a velvet soft feeling. It also helps to minimize the appearance of pores and I am all up for it!

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