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Dear Influencers: Time To Check Your Privilege

First and foremost let's start with an open mind. I know thinking about privilege and even accepting it is hard. Talking about it is hard. As a person of color I see privilege happen all too often, But this is not about race, because contrary to what some people may believe (and stop saying this is China's fault or that this is a Chinese virus because that is racist) this virus that is changing our society as we know it knows no skin color, no social class, it has no boundaries.

So if you clicked on this thinking this is about you, it probably is. Sorry not sorry.

I am disappointed on the influencer community. This moment in history has shown us so many uncovered areas we didn't even know they lived within us, a moment where we HAVE TO think about an "us" vs and "I" because if we don't the consequences will be catastrophic to say the least. Yet, I am seeing posts on the daily about influencers posting about their fourth designer purchase during quarantine?! I'M SORRY WHAT?! 

Let's back up and take a deep breath... 

So... We Bought A House!

Photography by: Authentic Grace Photography

It’s been a little less than a month since we closed on our new home and it is still surreal to wake up there. It honestly feels like we are at an Airbnb on “vacations” and we will head back to the apartment soon... haha!

If you are caught off guard about this news, well you are not the only one. I was very caught off guard by all this, it all happened so fast and SO out of the blue! Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I had talked about buying a house and was in our plans at some point…. Like 2-3 years down the road… but I guess the God and the universe had another plan for us!

Five Gifts For The Cool Guy in Your Life

Photography by: Authentic Grace Photography
Post sponsored by Duke Cannon. Opinions are 100% my own.

Let's face it; buying gifts for guys is really hard. Unless they are reaaaaally into something VERY specific, guys are not really good at knowing what they want for a gift. I partnered up with Duke Cannon (one of my husband's fave brands!) to show you some of cute gifts including some of their products that will make you the master gifter this holiday season.

Three Things To Stay On Top Of Your Self-Care This Fall

Photography by: Authentic Grace Photography
Post sponsored by Risata Wines. Opinions are 100% my own.

Fall has been teasing us for quite a couple of weeks now, don't get me wrong I am not mad about it! LOL I'm just running out of ideas on how to dress for chilly mornings and summery afternoons. Also, fall in the midwest lasts about 2 weeks and winter hits us like 10 lbs of bricks. 

Speaking of 10 lbs of bricks, if you have been following me on my IG, you have probably seen that while summer was fun with lots of travel and exciting things (like getting my new position at Target!!!) you may also know that it wasn't an easy one for me mentally. Sadly, I had to deal with a lot of issues that made me doubt myself and what I was capable of and it definitely took a toll on me. I already suffer from pretty bad Imposter Syndrome and this summer reaaaaally put to the test a lot of things. 

It got me thinking and reflecting on how much I slacked on self-care during those low moments. It is hard to think of yourself when you are down (shout out to my husband and my friends for being there for me!!) and that is ok.

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