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Three Things To Stay On Top Of Your Self-Care This Fall

Photography by: Authentic Grace Photography
Post sponsored by Risata Wines. Opinions are 100% my own.

Fall has been teasing us for quite a couple of weeks now, don't get me wrong I am not mad about it! LOL I'm just running out of ideas on how to dress for chilly mornings and summery afternoons. Also, fall in the midwest lasts about 2 weeks and winter hits us like 10 lbs of bricks. 

Speaking of 10 lbs of bricks, if you have been following me on my IG, you have probably seen that while summer was fun with lots of travel and exciting things (like getting my new position at Target!!!) you may also know that it wasn't an easy one for me mentally. Sadly, I had to deal with a lot of issues that made me doubt myself and what I was capable of and it definitely took a toll on me. I already suffer from pretty bad Imposter Syndrome and this summer reaaaaally put to the test a lot of things. 

It got me thinking and reflecting on how much I slacked on self-care during those low moments. It is hard to think of yourself when you are down (shout out to my husband and my friends for being there for me!!) and that is ok.

I learned that we have to make space for those heavy emotions, honor the anger, give the pain space to breathe and that is how you finally let go and move on. Trust me this took me months to realize and I was barely being a functional human being. 

September is Self-Care awareness month and now that I am feeling finally 100% myself I wanted to bring you 5 things to help you keep self-care top of mind this fall:

1. Girl time while sipping on some yummy wine

I had a little fall celebration/self-care moment with my girls Andrea and Madeline enjoying this gorgeous transitional weather. While sipping on some Risata Sparkling Rosé and chatting about all the things. We tend to forget but self-care also is about emotions and letting them out, talking them over with your girlfriends. While yes, a mask and a hot tub can be an amazing moment to relax and provide a more physical aspect to self-care, we also need to look inside and take care of that part of ourselves.  

2. Enjoy some alone time

Yes, being with people is nice. But sometimes we just mask our feelings with social moments. I am totally a social butterfly! I need people around me to thrive, but as I grow older, I have noticed that I am getting int he habit of taking breaks. Moments to myself where I just don't talk to anyone and I don't even want to think! Go ahead indulge in some guilty pleasures, I mean why not?! Wanna know mine? A good Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Sex and The City marathon!

3. Listen to your body

Whether that means exercise or some yoga or whatever your body needs (maybe a massage?) but take a moment to listen to it! Because of my levels of stress I was breaking out SO MUCH! So I did some research and found out a few foods that were not helping so I cut them back significantly and my skin is now back (well, for the most part) to its normal state. After all the summer fun and soaking in all the sun, it is a good idea to do a check in with yourself.

You all know that summer will forever hold my heart but I am not going to lie, I am pretty excited about sweater weather, boots and cute coats but most of all I am excited for a great last quarter of the year with some fun projects down the road to end the year with a BANG!


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