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How to keep your wedding guest on their feet all night long!

As wedding planning keeps progressing, one of the things that my fiancé and I have “struggled’ with is how to host the perfect night and entertain guests while keeping this wedding about our personalities. Because, well yeah, it’s OUR wedding after all!

Music is such an important part of the celebration. We don't have a huge group of people attending but mostly are coming from Colombia. Our wedding will be a melting pot of cultures: from Cali girls, to family and friends from Bogotá, to Dominican guys, and even some Venezuelans sprinkled in. Don’t get me wrong, I love having friends and family from different backgrounds, cities, etc. but narrowing down the song list for the night can be challenging since we want everyone to have fun.  And not only music is important, but comfy shoes are key to create an awesome vibe.

Not to mention, weirdos like me who are from Colombia, but well, don’t necessarily enjoy Colombian music all night long… so yeah it gets tricky. As a Latina who partially grew up in the states I became very acculturated. But, I do have hints of my Colombian heritage and I enjoy a vallenato here and there. Plus, weddings in Colombia last all night into the early morning. So you can see why this is important to me!


Taking the time to enjoy being engaged

Now that I am almost settled in my new home, it is time to do wedding talk! What a better time to do it than at the sobremesa? If you have never heard this word, in Spanish it means the time you spend at the dinner table after a meal just talking, sipping on some coffee, and making great memories.

My fiancé’s and my life have been nuts the last couple of months so it is nice to take a second for us, take a deep breath, sip on some Nescafé coffee and just start diving step by step into our next crazy journey, our wedding.

A couple of days back we did the second payment on the venue, and I should be getting my dress in June, but there are SO many things still to be figured out. Now that we are actually together we get the chance to discuss vendors, prices, styles, etc.


We All Grow Summit 2016

I know this post is  late, but my life has been insane the past month. Now that I am all settled, here is my recap of an experience that changed my life.

I had the pleasure to assist to the second We All GrowSummit back in the beginning of March. First and foremost, I want to thank Ana Flores for creating this summit – it was a beautiful experience and I am already excited  for next year to live it again!

I had been wanting to attend the summit, but I was feeling overwhelmed with life and didn’t know if I had the time,, so I never bought a ticket. About a month before, Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect launched a contest with the #MisMomentosNeutrogena that offered four lucky winners a pass to the summit. I figured I would participate, but never thought I was going to win, but I did and felt so lucky and grateful!  

Being my first blogger summit EVER, I was very intimidated and nervous, but also very excited. To be honest, I was expecting a more competitive vibe, but to my surprise I found a true sense of sisterhood among the attendees. These amazing, talented women exceeded my expectations and taught me a lot.

It was very intimidating to meet some of the bloggers that I have been following for years and put a  human being behind the post, the Instagram photos and the snaps. Yet it was also very refreshing to see that they are humble, and approachable no matter how famous they are.

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