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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in New Orleans

Creating new traditions is a brand new concept in my family. Now that we are older while embracing our families traditions, we also want to create our own and while we are figuring out how to do that we decided to take our first girls trip with my mom and sister to New Orleans.

Why New Orleans? hmmm you would have to ask my sister, she was the one that picked it but it is a city that I have passed through on my way and back to and from Austin a couple of years ago and that I was very curious about. I partnered up with the cutest hotel in Downtown New Orleans called the NOPSI hotel.

OMG!! if you followed along my IG stories you know what I am talking about. The cutest hotel with lots of Instagrammable corners and don't even get me started with that lobby! I think I loved it so much because of the really tall ceilings but also it had really great colors and just a very welcoming vibe to it. Not to mention the amazing, helpful and extra friendly staff!

The location is perfect for all things too see, walking distance to most of the places we wanted to see like Bourbon St, Frenchman St, the French Quarter to mention a few NOLA staples. I absolutely am head over heels over the beautiful architecture of the city and loved looking out our bedroom window while eating Cafe Du Monde beignets and sipping on tea... BEST WAY TO START THE DAY!

 They also have an amazing bar at the lobby and a great restaurant called Public Service where we got to enjoy a very yummy dinner on our first night. I cannot rave more about the staff, they were just the sweetest and most amazing people to talk to! The restaurant has a very curated menu and seemed to be a place to be because a lot of people were there that were not hotel guest. Oh! that reminds me also of the rooftop/pool area! totally popping during the day and night, it was pretty full most of the time but a comfortable full where you can feel a vibe, also it was during the weekend. When we went to the pool on Monday before heading to back to the airport it was a lot more chill.


We also got to do a swamp tour! Never thought I would do one in Louisiana but I actually enjoyed it a lot and with rain, fancy yellow plastic ponchos that we had to buy at one of the souvenir shops and wet feet but we managed to have a great time and eventually the rain did stop. We got to see gators, wild hogs, raccoons and honestly the swamps are a lot more beautiful than I imagined.



We also got to enjoy one of the local's faves; Frenchmen St. It basically has everything that Bourbon St has minus the sloppy mess. Funny enough, my hubby and I had been on Frenchmen St about 7 years ago when it really wasn't much of a scene and now that I went back a lot of amazing memories came back to me! You get to enjoy bands playing out in the street and people dancing to the beat, as well as great bars with amazing entertainment like this cute little band. We also went to another bar where they had a great Jazz band (I realized that I LOVE JAZZ!) and explored a little market where they had a lot of local vendors and we did a little shopping.



Here are some place we went for food: Port Of Call for good giant burgers and baked potatoes, Clesi's because this girl is OBSESSED with crawfish and could not go to New Orleans and not have a boil!, Maison was a great bar/restaurant on Frenchmen St and I had the was so good! We had brunch twice at Two Chicks Cafe next to our hotel the ambiance was super cute and the food was really good specially the fresh squeezed OJ! And well of course we HAD to go to Cafe Du Monde and we actually went twice to it because we wanted to bring some beignets back!

I loved every second I spent on New Orleans and seriously can't wait to go back with my hubby and show him all the cute spots we found! Have you ever been to NOLA? got any tips to add? Let me know in the comments below!

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