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Age Is Just A Number

Post sponsored by AARP Cincuentañeros and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. Opinions are 100% my own.

If I had a dollar for every time I'm told "OMG are you seriously 33?!" I would be RICH! and yes, sometimes it can work to my advantage specially now that I am getting older in age... but it has been a big issue when it come to my career.

I had the opportunity to share an amazing dinner with AARP Cincuentañeros back in May while I was down in Long Beach for We All Grow where they made this safe space to talk about age, what it means and how we limit, or rather society limits us just because of our age through their campaign #Cincuentañeros. It's all about celebrating you wherever you are in live without counting the years!

They presented us with this term "ageism" and how much it impacts our day to day lives. This hit very closely to home, because I have battled for a while with how young I look.

Yes, some will say it is a blessing and gift and I am not going to lie, at times it is. But when you are trying to establish yourself as an expert on a certain area yet you look like an 18 year old girl, sadly our society has pushed us to dismiss people because "they are just so young" or "they don't have enough experience".

To the other side of spectrum, my mom was one of the biggest examples that age its just a number even when you are older. My mom didn't get the opportunity to go to college back in Colombia. Life got on the way and she started a career in banking and before she knew it she was married and had me.

When we migrated to this country almost 18 years ago, and through much hard work my mom with the help of my dad decided to go back to school to get her bachelor's degree. I saw them both during endless nights studying and reading. Mind you my mom has been going to ESL (english as a second language) for all 18 years because she really wants to learn and be able to fend for her self. So here is a fifty something year old woman who fled violence from her home country leaving everything behind for a better life for us and she is pushing herself at that age to get her degree. WHAT AN INSPIRATION!

With the help of my dad she got her diploma and I could not be more proud of her and the drive she has always had despite what many people say along the way. Why at that age? What was the point? Ya para que? they even said that at that age my mom should just chill and slow down but if there is something I know about my momma is that "slowing down" is just not part of her language!

So, though all an all I have learned to live life Sin Cuenta (without counting) and just embracing each year for what it brings but most importantly for what I've learned and the experiences that has brought me.

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