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These Shoes Were Made For Hustling: Embracing my inner Girl Boss

This is a sponsored conversation with Shoes Of Prey, but all opinions and text are my own.

Photography by: Angel Torres

First post of 2018! YAY! I’m hoping to set the tone for this entire year with this post and all the goals I have for my brand and my blog. I don’t think there would be a better way to start the year but with a great pair of heels that scream Girl Boss like this ones from Shoes Of Prey.

This year I am truly not feeling the whole “resolutions” thing. I think it just leads to disappointments. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals for this year, to the contrary I have way too many goals! But I rather chose to have a clear understanding of my goals and working one day at the time to get there. I don’t know when I’ll get them but I am happy knowing that I have 365 opportunities to get there.

All my life I’ve been told I’m “bossy” a term that until the last couple of years had a negative connotation in my head until I read a quote by one of my personal idols, Amy Poehler where she says “I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody's passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn't mind leading” And that day, it all made sense. I was born to lead. Simple.

But I also have realized in this 3-year process of building my blog and my brand that having the right attitude does affect the outcome of everything that I do. Dressing the part also helps a lot! By now, you know that I am no the conventional girl and while sometimes I love to dress up, sometimes I really like to dress down and sometimes I like to mix it up! But this is the beauty of fashion and why I fell in-love with the fashion part of my blog. Because it lets me express myself. Dressing the part doesn’t mean wear a pant suit or heels. Dress the part you want to be; you want to be a trendy CEO? Put your twist to that blazer! Personalization is key when you want to express who you are through the way you dress.

This is why I loved Shoes Of Prey so much! They are a shoe company where you can design your own shoes and even personalized them with an inscription on them. I somehow knew these shoes were going to be a special piece for me and I took quite some time nailing down my own design, I know they look simple but when you have so many options and styles, trust me it can get tricky but so much fun! I also took the inscription to heart and probably was the hardest thing to decide on since I wanted it to be a powerful reminder of what 2018 was to hold for me. But when I landed on it, everything fell into place; “She can and she will”.

So yes, I am bossy, I take initiative, I have a lot to say about pretty much everything and I have no filter. And I love that about myself because without it who I am today would be a very different person and probably Miles + Smiles would not even exist. So, cheers to an amazing 2018 to all my girl bosses out there!

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