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Macy's Resort Swimwear Fashion Show Recap

Photography by: Angel Torres

This year I have found myself at a lost for words more often than not, in a good way! So many amazing things have happened and its only January! 

I had the pleasure to co-host the Macy's Resort Swimwear Fashion show at the Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, MN. This was my very first event as a blogger and of course I was super nervous! I have more often than not been always behind the scenes and creating this events but I've never been the talent so this was really scary! But what helped me the most was my hubby (as always) and meeting my fellow co-host Lindsay Higgings and we bonded over cocktails in New York. She helped me feel more at ease and also guided me thru the usual process since she has done a couple of these already. 

When I got to Macy's around 10 am I got to shop around for some of the stuff that I wanted to wear and I ended up choosing a denim skirt and a pin stripped oversized shirt with chunky heels.My favorite part of the outfit what the super feminine details on the back. I can have a bow anywhere anytime obviously! It gave the men's wear nature of the shirt a more girly look. Oh and I finally got the gold hoops I've been looking for that went perfect with this resort-like outfit. 

I got dolled up at the Clinique's counter and I really loved everything but specially how little product gave so much coverup and I also discovered that Clinique has their own liquid eye-liner which I had no idea, to be honest I loved the tip and how smooth it went on but not necessarily the shade since it wasn't as dark as I like it to be. 

Then we headed to the show. Macy's has a great selection of swim suits and they have also plenty of big brands to look for like Ray-Bans, Kate Spade and Michael Kors. Here are some of my favorite looks from the runway:


After the show, they prepared a fun little event where we got to sip on mocktails that reminded me of the adult version of Capri Sun, nibble on some yummy cookie dough, learn to dance hula with professional dancers (which is a lot harder than it seams!) and go around to look at their swimwear section with all the amazing looks we saw on the runway. 



Thank you Macy's for having me as a co-host! I had such an amazing time and met so many wonderful people, and truly now looking back I'm not quite sure why was I so worried about it. Ha! I guess I'm no longer afraid of public speaking, yay!

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