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Humidity vs. Hairstyling

Moving to Miami brought a lot of changes – from food, to friends, to traffic and, of course, weather! Austin’s climate is fairly good: sure, in the summer it was literally an oven, but the rest of the year was pretty manageable with enough variety to appreciate the seasons.

Now that I live in Miami fulltime, there are no seasons. This means humidity about 10 out of 12 months of the year. Although my hair has always been straight, it is not immune to the horrible, horrible level of humidity that southern Florida can bring upon you.

About four months ago, I went in for a haircut and got the infamous “lob”. Honestly, it has been the best decision in my life! Not only do I have less hair I have to deal with, but it is so much more manageable in the Miami weather. Thanks to the amazing work that Jen and Jeana at Propaganda (in Austin), always do, I have a simple routine when I want to style it.

So here is #MyHairStory:

I have been using Dove’s Regenerative Nourishment hair care line for a couple of months now – and it has made a world of a difference! I use the shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair. Next, while my hair is still damp, I apply the serum-in-oil and blow dry running my fingers through it, no brush yet.

When its mostly dry, I use my 1907 copper round brush by Fromm Beauty to give it a more sleek finish. Then, I use my Nume 25MM Magic wand (gotta use the glove!) to have soft waves that last. After my hair has cooled, I apply a bit of hairspray to lock in the waves and I’m out the door!

The whole process takes 30 mins (at most).  Don’t get me wrong, I have A LOT of hair, but it’s very thin. The lob definitely helped me cut down my hairstyling time in half.

So there you have it! Styling your hair should not be a nightmare. You have to find the right products that really go with your hair texture and for me Dove’s Regenerative Nourishment hair care line has been a blessing.

Mudarme de nuevo a Miami trajo muchos cambios. Desde la comida, amigos, trafico y claro el clima. El clima en Austin era bastante manejable así los veranos fueran un infierno (en cuanto a temperatura) literalmente parece un horno. Pero el resto del año el clima es lo suficientemente variable como para sentir las estaciones. 

Ahora que estoy en Miami, simplemente no hay estaciones. Lo que significa que 10 de los 12 meses del año son llenos de humedad. Siempre he tenido el pelo super liso, pero no es inmune al nivel de humedad que alcanza a llegar el sur de la Florida.

Hace 4 meses me corte el pelo con el famoso "lob" y honestamente ha sido la mejor decisión de mi vida! No solamente porque tengo que lidiar con mucho menos cabello sino también porque es mucho mas manejable en un clima tan húmedo como el de Miami. Aparte del corte y color tan divino que me hicieron en Propaganda Hair Salon en Austin, TX (pregunten por Jen y Jena) my rutina para arreglármelo es bastante simple. 

Así que acá les cuento #MyHairStory:

He estado usando los productos de la linea Renegerative Nourishment de Dove hace un par de meses y ¡la diferencia es enorme! Uso el shampoo y el acondicionador para lavarme el cabello (me lo lavo mas o menos cada 2 dias). Luego me lo cepillo, y cuando todavía tengo el pelo húmedo me aplico el Serum-in-oil y me lo seco con secador pero sin cepillo por ahora, solo me paso los dedos.

Una vez esta casi todo seco, uso my cepillo de cobre 1907 de Fromm Beauty para que le de un poco mas de brillo. Luego utilizo mi wand de Nume de 25MM (¡usen el guante que trae!) para las ondas que me duran bastante tiempo. Una vez el cabello ya no esta tan caliente me hecho hairspray y ¡ya esta!

Todo el proceso me toma no mas de 30 minutos. Pero no crean, yo tengo MUCHISIMO cabello solo que es bastante delgado pero el corte de lob me ayudo muchísimo a cortar el tiempo que duro arreglándome el cabello en la mitad. 

Así que ya saben cual es mi rutina. Arreglarse el pelo no debe ser una pesadilla ni mucho menos, al contrario, es cuestión de encontrar los mejores productos que se ajusten a la texture de tu cabello y a los resultados finales que quieres obtener. 


  1. Great advice! I will have to try it if we ever have nice weather in Ohio. We usually don't have much of a heat problem here;) Love your hair!

  2. Thank you for the advice and posting the products you use! It will certainly be a big help!

  3. Ahhhh humidity it's a killer! I struggle all the time ��

  4. Your hair looks cute. I love the highlights of your hair.

  5. We have TONS of humidity here in TN too!!! Hard to find a style that works in the humid air. Love those little waves. I just cut my hair too. It's not straight, but I have a lot of thin hair like you. It took a while to figure out what would work well for me. Great post!

  6. Great advice, lovely! Your hair looks so pretty. Following your blog on Bloglovin. x



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