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A Gift Guide for the Unconventional Guy in Your Life

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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches 
The holidays are almost here! and to be honest its a lot easier to get a gift for a woman than for a man. Probably because there are many options that are more obvious. But when it comes to finding cool gifts for that special man in your life you may be at a loss, because perhaps you don't know where to start. 

So if your man is anything like my hubby, loves technology and gadgets but has a very peculiar taste when it comes to gifts, here are the top 3 gifts for the unconventional man in your life.

The beautiful JORD Wood Watches. While a watch is always a great gift idea, this watch it’s a little extra special. This specific men’s watch is made out of Ebony and Rosewood woods, giving it those gorgeous tones. It’s also hand finished and penetrated with tung oils for preservation. While it is splash-proof is not to be dunk in water so make sure your man doesn’t go for a swim with it! 

I love everything about this watch (and my hubby did too) from the perfectly made packaging, to all the small details they include like the cleaning wipe and the 100% natural finishing oil. The watch comes with a 1 year limited warranty but it does need a lot of care since you should avoid extreme temperatures or excessively dry/humid environment.

Oh and you can order it sized and engraved! Check out their Men's and Women's collections. 

Drones, Drones and more Drones. If you have one of those men in your lives who seems to be mesmerized by drones but hasn’t really ever flown one, the Gooslky JJRC H31 Waterproof drone is a great way to start! It is not pricey at all and a great way to start learning how to fly a drone. Trust me it’s hard, I tried it a couple of times and failed miserably.

The big plus on this drone is that almost damage-proof. Another reason why it’s a great way to get started on the drone world. If he is into that.

Check out my husband's YouTube channel for more drone reviews!

All things beard. As you all have seen, my hubby has a beard and I am obsessed with it! He has tried to shave it off a couple of times and I just won’t allow him. So he decided to embrace it. Having a beard is a big responsibility, keeping it clean and groomed is key for it to look great. Trust me there is nothing more gross than a man with a non-groomed and smelly beard. I learned thru my husband that keeping it in shape takes both time, money (it is no cheap hobby) and dedication. It is pretty much an art form, so if your man is ready for the commitment. Here is a great starter pack:
 Pure Shaving Brush
Shavette Straight Razor (use this with caution!)
Shaving Soap
After Shave Balm
- Beard Oil

Hope this small guide helps getting something really special to that special person in your life!

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