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My Faves From the Something Navy x Treasure & Bond Collection at Nordstrom

Photography by Something Navy

I love when bloggers turn this into something bigger than just sitting behind a computer and writing about fashion. I love when they go out there and really make it happen. They really inspire me every day to keep building my own brand.

One of my favorite bloggers; Arielle Noa from Something Navy launched her own line in collaboration with Nordstrom and Treasure & Bond about a month ago and I have to say I am obsessed! I have always loved her style and also because even though she is a HUGE influencer and blogger now, she somehow still feels relatable. She is not over produced, she is effortless, she is a mom, a wife. But mostly she is human. That is exactly why I love this collection because it reflects everything that she is, plus she can truly pull every single item she created.

Me, on the other hand can probably pull some of them so I wanted to make a list of my favorite items from her collection:

The Pearl Crop Skinny Jeans (😍OBSESSED!!😍)

Hope you guys loved her collection as much as I did, let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite!

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  1. You look so stylish! Your every outfit is unique, basic and personal. I think that you can work as a personal shopper or stylist for people who don't know how to mix clothes right. I like writing about fashion at my blog but i"m not professional in this field.


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