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Finding self-love in natural care products

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April it's Earth month, so I wanted to dedicate some of this month’s post to mother earth and how can we make better decisions for our bodies that also entail better decisions for our planet.

This time I want to talk about how choosing better products for our personal care, also mean self-love and finding ways to be more natural and intentional about the brands you use.
A couple of years back in Austin, I became very conscious and careful with each and every product I used. From cleaning items, to personal care items, make-up, food, pretty much everything.

We hear a lot about harmful chemicals in most of everyday products we use, but how often do we stop to read and understand the ingredients listed? Not very often. Probably because the complicated names make us lazy and we just disregard it. But if only we knew what those chemicals do to our bodies!

It was almost like a blind fold had been taken off and I was seeing clear for the first time. Here are 3 myths that surround natural products:

1. If it's owned by a big company then it's not natural: I am no expert but some of the natural product that I've used grew so much that bigger companies took notice and instead of doing their own they decided to support them by offering them a bigger platform so as long as the integrity of the product is 90% untouched, I am ok with it.

2.  Natural products are more expensive: well… maybe but would you rather pay a little more for a good product that will last or pay for medical bill? Small stuff like that can make all the difference for both your body and the earth’s well-being.

3. If it doesn't have chemicals then it doesn't work. Wrong! so wrong! While I get that some of us grew up with that mentality - specially if you are latina like me - it is not entirely true. In fact some of the best cleaning products, even for personal care are made out of natural ingredients but then "enhanced" with harsh chemicals, that let's be honest smells awful. 

One of the products that I switched to for almost 4 years now, was Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. And they just developed the Luminous White™ toothpaste, their most advanced whitening toothpaste ever 100% sourced from natural ingredients, it's gluten free and has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. When I saw this new toothpaste it was a double win for me! Pearly white smile and I’m using natural ingredients.

Now, I’m not saying to dump everything you have right away, because well, that wouldn’t be very earth friendly. But next time when you are at the store shopping it might be a good idea to do a double take at the products you choose! Here is a little incentive if you are familiar with Ibotta, you can earn .75 cents with the purchase of Tom's of Maine Luminous White™toothpaste. Check your local Walmart to find Tom’s of Maine has a new whitening toothpaste, Luminous White™.

Let me know in the comments below what steps will you make this month to make more intentional and natural decisions!

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