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Weekend Vibes: Track Pants Two Ways

Photography by: Sweet Petite Photography

This week felt like the longest week ever, didn't it? Im so glad the weekend is here. I have a pretty busy weekend ahead but I always try to think of weekends as the perfect moment to explore and experiment with new outfits.

One of my favorite trends has been the track pants as a fashion piece. To be honest I stopped using sweat pants probably in High School. I just never saw them as just that, pants to work out or do physical activity. But when this new trend came along I'm not going to lie I really wanted to try it! Specially the idea of mixing heels with track pants felt like such a clash but some how it looked great. It took me a bit to find the right set of pants until I found this ones from Target (duh!).

I decided to play with them and style them two different ways. One a little more dressed up with velvet high-heel sandals from Shoe Feature and the second one with tennis shoes but as a casual going out outfit.

Dress them up

Dress them down

Like I've always said, fashion is about self-expression and you should not take an outfit to serious or keep each piece within it's own category. Play with it and have fun!

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