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Inspired by "The Women I Work With"

I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing women. BAD ASS WOMEN. Women that have showed me how to be tough but professional, to rock presentations and productions while rocking a baby bump and looking amazing while doing it.

But that has not always been the case. We live in a men's world and we all know that but I am so glad to be part of a generation that said "Enough!" and armed themselves to be the change the world desperately needed. Initially I wanted this blog post to be about the amazing sense of fashion that this girl bosses have but as I was writing it, it felt off. It felt like something more important was missing and I was completely reducing them to their sense of fashion. Which, don't get me wrong I do believe that success and a good sense of fashion and self care go hand in hand but it is not the only thing that matters.

To me, there is nothing better than seeing a boss babe doing her thing, achieving her goals, growing and being hungry for more while rocking a pair of stilettos. Or truly, what ever she feels the most confident and comfortable in; because the Lord knows that I do not wear stilettos to work but I slay all day, or at least I try.

A while back I got inspired by a co-worker's blog Women I Work With and today for International Women's Day I want to share with you some of the women that I work with and some other women around me that I truly admire and I'm always excited to see succeeding.


Photo by Women I Work With
Probably the coolest person I'll ever meet. She is an Interactive Art Director and a total badass. She has been through a couple of styles in her life and currently loving the rocker chick vibe. Not gonna lie, I was a little intimidated when I met her but then as I got to know her better she was one of the sweetest and funniest person around the office. My favorite part is that her wardrobe contradicts her personality which makes it even better! I can only dream of being able to spend a day in her closet, and she knows that because I already told her.

She not only slays every outfit she wears every single day but I really enjoy her knowledge about the digital world and not to mention the fact that she was behind all the brand launches at Target during the fall on the digital space.


Photo by Women I Work With

My current ACD and a total boss. She has been one of the people that I've admired the most since I started at Target. At first it was because this woman dresses AMAZING every single day, and when I saw her I immediately thought "I need to step up my office outfit game!". We are currently working on Universal Thread and at 6 months pregnant, literally nothing stops her. So much so, that at the beginning of her pregnancy we had to fly to NYC for a shoot and she was feeling terrible (nauseas and such) but she stayed there the entire time being the total badass she is.

She still intimidates me pretty much every day, but I can only hope I look as good as she does with 2 kids at home, one on the way and slaying at work.

Photo by Women I Work With

I met her my first day at Target. I was a scared little bird that just wanted to hide. But Hannah said hi during my first meeting and some how made me feel a little better.

She has been another one of those women that truly inspires me to step up my work wardrobe, I mean look at her! and this is literally something she would wear at work and look amazing. Another things she is amazing at is her job as a Digital ACD. I swear every time she opens her mouth during a meeting, everyone pays attention, she has one of those voices that just makes you stop and listen.


I mean look at this woman! I've known Tati for years, since we were in school. We were pretty much babies at that point and she taught me not to whine and not to put myself as the victim. She probably doesn't know that but her words stuck with me through the years and probably one of the reasons why I became a little more brave and I started to look at myself a different way.

Tati has been through a lot and in the past year she turned her life upside down. She created her empire called Tati Make Up Studio, a legacy that I'm sure will last a long time. She went though gastric by pass surgery, got a divorce, started her own business which now has more than 5 employees, she learned to love herself again and now she is expecting her first baby. All this, while looking bomb because the girl does have a great sense of style.


A red head Puerto Rican that I've been obsessed with even before I met her. She is an amazing illustration artist, a genius copywriter, a bomb ass art director, one of the best stand up comedians I know and on top of everything her style sense is ON POINT!

Ilia is not like any girl you've met before, that I can assure you. Nothing about her is conventional and that is probably why I love her so much. She was one of the girls that back in Austin showed me that it was ok to be a feminist, that speaking up was ok and that things have to change when you are not happy. I don't get to see her often but each time that we see each other all I want to do is listen to her amazing stories, because boy she has GREAT stories!


I could not, not include one of my blogger babes! And this girl has been an inspiration since I started blogging 3 years ago. Daniela is from Venezuela and a total boss. When I met her I was SO INTIMIDATED! she was (still is) a huge bloggers with thousands and thousands of followers, I felt like I was just going to be another fan girl saying hi to her. And I probably was haha! but through the years we connected and bonded. Daniela created her own empire along with her husband Gabriel which has inspired me to begin my own and she has been there for me along the way. A real girl boss is not the one that is arrogant and selfish, a real girl boss like Dani is the one that understands that we as women should not compete with each other, but rather help empower each other. That's what she did for me and taught me. Even with her success she is humble, she is down to earth and she is very open with her life. After a miscarriage, Dani opened her story to the world and it helped her heal from that terrible experience but now she has a rainbow baby on the way that I cannot wait to meet!

Most of you have already heard about Sam. 1. because I am obsessed with her and 2. because she is one of my partners for The Minneapolis Blogger Union. Sam came into my life in a very unexpected way but I am thankful that she did. While having a full time job, going through a lay-off, planning a wedding, keeping up with her blog and also being my right hand with the Union this girl is a total description of what a girl boss is.

The day I knew I've met my match was the day when Sam texted me after our first meet up (I was still on cloud nine) and she said "ok let's plan the next one" in that exact moment I knew that I had met someone special that had her head where I had mine and was to create and keep moving forward.


I've known Tati and Juli since we were in school in Miami. We were all oh so little and knew nothing about anything. They were more than friends but almost like sisters to me and they were there for me on my darkest days in Miami. But we all grew up and these two boss babes partnered up and created their own business called Auster Design a wall covering company that they run themselves.

These two are what we all should be, women empowering women. Celebrating each other and . supporting each other's dreams into a reality just like they did. I absolutely love everything they have been doing and I love to follow their journey as entrepreneurs but mostly I have LOVED seeing their evolution throughout the years.

I know this was a long one, and trust me I wish I could put so many more women here because writing this blog post made me realize that I am surrounded by fearless women who won't stop at nothing to achieve their dreams.

And to all of these beautiful boss babes:

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