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The Museum Of Ice Cream Miami: The Power Of Imagination

Photography by: Angel Torres

A little over a month ago while we went back to Miami, my hubby and I had the chance to check out the Museum Of Ice Cream in Miami Beach. Oh what a magical place it was! 😍 It truly was everything I thought it was going to be and then some.
I have heard very split opinions about it from people that thought it was over priced and lame to people that loved it. I am definitely the type of person that loved it probably because my inner child and my art director self found its happy place. The $45 entree fee was worth every single penny to me. From the beautiful photos you can take pretty much every where to the interactive nature of the spaces and installations where you can touch, feel and play around.

The Museum Of Ice Cream, in my eyes, is redefining the word museum and bringing it into a modern world and I am all about it! More than a watch don't touch type of place they created an experience in each and every single room where your imagination just runs wild. They also just broaden their brand by partnering up with Target and creating a whole kids clothing brand but I of course squeezed myself into a couple of their shirts 😅

If you ever get a chance to see it in person, don't doubt to go and get prepared to come out of there with a major sugar high because of all the yummy treats! But enough about words and let's get into all the photos!

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