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Cheers and Chill: Moving Into a New Home!

Photography by: Angel Torres

No, I am not a fan of moving, but when you find a good deal you gotta go for it! We literally moved 24 floors down on our same building to a 250 sq ft bigger apartment for a cheaper price! Initially I thought the move was going to be the easiest one to date (because I have moved SO many times in my life!) and I wasn’t wrong but I wasn’t right either.

Let’s start by the fact that moving is never easy. But there are somethings you can do to make it more bearable like; make it fun! My husband loves music and he is always playing it from his phone and yeah it does make a difference when you are packing/unpacking. Unpacking while it is exciting it can be a bit tedious, so hubby and I decided to pop some Risata Wines Moscato d’Asti and enjoy every step and why not play some of our vinyls!

You all know already that I do love to drink and in this special occasion felt more like a celebration. Minneapolis hasn’t been exactly a smooth ride, but it finally it feels like the waters are settling down and things are falling into place. This new apartment is literally perfect for us and while we were panning on buying a home, the market here in the Twin Cities is INSANE so we decided to push it another year. We wanted to stay close to our jobs and we really love all the amenities of our building. Granted we had to give up the gorgeous South Minneapolis view but something’s gotta give right?

I am finally happier at my job and things in our marriage are better than ever. So yes, we decided to toast to a new beginning for us with this yummy sweet yet citrus and fruity bottle from Risata Wines. I love that they also wanted to celebrate our move with us and be part of this special moment and they sent us both the big and the personal small bottles!

I have to admit that the part that I do enjoy is re-decoration. The process of re-organizing and deciding on new colors, new décor and overall bringing new vibes into our home makes me so excited! Every single home I’ve lived on had a different vibe going on for it, whether it was the colors or the décor, but I have never repeated! This one is extra special because it is a home I am building together with the hubby and while, well it is not easy to get on the same décor page sometimes, I think we are getting to a middle place where we both love it!

So cheers to a new phase and cheers to finally chilling in our own home and building it little by little!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Risata Wines. The opinions and text are all mine.

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