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Put Your Hands Up For Spring!

Photography by: Angel Torres

Post sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

The countdown to summer has begun and I CANNOT WAIT! I am ready for pool parties, tanning seshs and all the fun things Minneapolis has to offer. And if you are wondering, yes Minneapolis and it's summers are beyond magical!

Even though I can already feel spring peeking through, spring and fall are probably the shortest seasons here in Minnesota. The temperatures during summer while rare they can get pretty hot even hit the 100°F mark so a good deodorant is a MUST!

I have experimented with plenty of deodorants and by now I know what I like and what I don't so when I tried the Dove Dry Serum Antiperspirant it really felt like silk on my skin!

With the blog, I became one of those people that plan everything! But the last thing I need is a deodorant that won't do it's job when I need it the most and I honestly don't even want to worry if it will work or not. Whether I am wearing a bikini, summer dresses or a sleeveless top for vacations or for a shoot I don't have to worry and it is a no brainer! Not only the Dove Dry Serum Antiperspirant goes on easy and it is ultra-light but also absorbs so fast, because God knows that I am always running late and I more often than not don't have time to wait for my deodorant to dry!

I feel like I've been writing about warmer weather for a while now, but seems like we are ways to go here in Minnesota, still I am already excited plus we have our Miami trip coming up and I am so excited to see our friends and family but mostly I am excited for all the food 😂yet another reason why I need the right protection because y'all already know that that Miami humidity and heat is no joke!

Make sure to stop by your local Walgreens or visit this site to learn more about this amazing new deodorant. And right now they have a BOGO promo on it until 4/6 so you can stock up and be ready for all the summer fun!

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  1. It's nice shot. I think you want to promote for Dove ...any way, I still love your image..it looks impressive. see: To get bigger


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