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One Piece Two Seasons: The Tulle Skirt

Welcome to the first edition of One Piece Two Seasons! This is the first blog series that I am launching and hopefully I will be posting at least 1 blog post a month about it. So why am I creating this? Well, I've come to realize that not everyone has the budget to update their wardrobe every single season. Most of us keep pieces that we want to re-use but now that I live in real seasons I have missed wearing some pieces that I really love because I store them away an completely forget about them because they are not "winter" or "summer" pieces.

But let's let that sink in... winter or summer pieces... or fall or spring pieces? who defines when you can use a certain piece or not? ok granted, I will not wear denim shorts on this feels like 9F degree whether but there are certain pieces that if styled correctly and layered up properly can totally be used in different seasons.

So let's begin these series with one of my fave pieces that I got last year; the tulle skirt.

Photography by: Street Style MN

During summer I feel a little more daring and I wanted to play with clashing styles that somehow made sense. This was the result; a romantic pink tulle skirt mixed with a cut off top with a rocker style. So why does it work? There has been always a part of me that want's to be a rebel, defy the rules and just go against the current, which I guess it is the rocker type cut off top. But then there is the other part of me who loves pink, unicorns and rainbows and wants to keep everyone happy so that's where the romantic tulle skirt comes in play.

Photography by: Mailee Photography

Early winter I was feeling a bit more romantic and inspired by the snow and winter colors I decided to pair the skirt with a white fuzzy jumper and white booties. It felt only natural to pair blush with white and what makes it versatile for this skirt to work on both weathers is the length, if you are wondering , yes I had leggings underneath because it was cold AF when we shot this! ha!

I hope to give you some inspo to re-use pieces that you haven't thought could work in different seasons so drop me a comment below with pieces that you would love to see styled for different times of the year!

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