Valentine's Part 1: Sexy Date Night - Miles + Smiles







Valentine's Part 1: Sexy Date Night

Photography by: Angel Torres

Crazy to believe that we are already at that point into 2019 where we are talking about V-day already, right?! Seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the end of 2018.

So, let's get started. The first look is Sexy Date Night. Not a lot of people feel comfortable exploring their sexy side, and I must say I may be one of them. I am rather modest at times specially when things get busty I don't necessarily jump into it. But when the right pice comes along you just gotta go for it! and if there is a time to explore this might as well be on a romantic date on Valentine's.

I found this little cute number and I fell in love with it. While I am not a fan of satin and super sexy pieces, I did like the flirty side of it and I decided well why not try it? and while I'm at it surprise the hubby 😜Since I decided to step out of my comfort zone and embrace it I decided to pair it with these leopard pumps. Seemed like satin and animal print was a no brainier.

So, why step out of your comfort zone? Sure, surprising your partner is a great plus but I honestly do it for me. I am a firm believer that being uncomfortable brings growth and if there is one thing I have learned this far is that oddly I like being uncomfortable. I know it doesn't come easy to everyone specially when it comes to fashion because there are so many perfect images that we think we are supposed to imitate or follow. What it means sexy to me, may be way different to what it means to you and that is ok, as long as you still have the drive to surprise yourself.

Embrace your body and your curves! look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself compliments. I know it is easier to point out everything that is wrong but we have to give our bodies credit and be thankful to even have one. While I want to inspire some ideas on some sexy outfits for V-day, I want you all to discover your own sexy and SLAY!

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