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Gardening and The City

Photography by: Angel Torres
Post sponsored by Bachman's. Opinions are 100% my own.

Oh summer! You finally decided to make an appearance in Minnesota. Every year, since 2013 I picked up urban gardening as my summer hobby. I didn’t know I was so into it even though I grew up watching my mom create her beautiful garden in Maryland. Who would have thought I would like it this much!

Last year my husband also got into it—like REALLY into it. He even got into making jalapeño aioli, and let me tell you he is a total pro by now. 
This year I partnered up with Bachman’s to bring back to life our little urban garden. I loved that they helped us to develop little gardens for specific things. We chose to do a cocktail and a salsa veggie & herb garden this time around. They even have some cheat sheets that you can take home so you know what to plant with what, so they make it super easy!

So, here is what we have on our cocktail garden:

-       Lavender
-       Rosemary
-       Basil
-       Mojito Mint
-       Cilantro

And our salsa veggie & herb garden has:

-       Cherry tomato
-       Jalapeños
-       Cilantro
-       Oregano
-       Onion
-       Thyme

This cheat sheet really made it easier for me to learn what plants can go with which plants that require the same amount of sun and water which I never bothered to learn until now! I love that now we get to enjoy fresh herbs even for our cocktails – oh yeah! we make cocktails at home now.

The most important thing to remember is that you do not need to have an extensive backyard to be able to have your own garden whether is an edible garden or a flower one. Urban gardening it totally possible and there are so many different solutions now a days to make that possible. To us, creating our little oasis overlooking downtown Minneapolis is one of the activities that we enjoy the most and look forward every tear to, now even more with this long Minnesota winters!


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