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Ageless With Olay

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Post sponsored by Olay. Opinions are 100% my own.

The secret is out! A lot of people are so surprised about my age because they say I look a lot younger. I have to thank my momma for the good genes but also doing the work pays off! 

After turning 33 my skin regimen is becoming a bit more complex and with a lot more intention. I used to grab whatever I could find at a drugstore and call it a day, now a days that looks a whole lot different.

We always hear how important it is to wash your face daily and exfoliate once a week but all that can take off a moisture that you absolutely need! I love the Olay Micro- Sculpting Cream to keep things balanced on my face for that fresh feeling. And if you are like me, any change in temperature and environment has a huge impact on my skin, so a good moisturizer is a must.

My top two Olay moisturizers are the Micro-Sculpting Cream and the Regenerist Whip. They are very different and intended for different skin types and lifestyles. I have long hours inside an office with A/C or heating every day for my full-time job so it takes a toll, which is why the Micro-Sculpting Cream makes more sense for me. But if you are an on-the go type of gal and your make up has to be put all day then the Olay Regenerist Whip are the way to go.

1.     What is your skin type? I recently found out I have combination skin (both dry and oily)
2.     How do you like your skin to feel after applying moisturizer? I like to feel refreshed but weightless, especially because I do use make up everyday
3.     How does your skin change on a normal day? My skin always starts very dry, but as the days goes by specially on my nose and cheeks tents to get very oily
4.     How do you feel about primers? Really depends on how well my skin has been acting up, but most of the time I rather skip it.

This doesn’t mean that a single moisturizer is right for you, I go through the different seasons and switch them up, specially here in Minnesota. The key to all this is listening to your skin, get to know it and it will tell you what it needs!

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