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The Stories Behind A Smile

Photography by: Miles + Smiles Productions
Post sponsored by ARC Whitening Strips. Opinions are 100% my own.

It is true, I am a happier and better person in the summer. I guess it’s all that vitamin D and the gorgeous Minneapolis summer days that truly fill my heart with joy. There is NOTHING that I love more than a Friday afternoon at a lake or just simply our soaking in the warmth, because well we don’t get many of those days through the year.

I’ve also tried to smile more on my photos, like big huge smiles. I remember a couple of years back when I started the blog someone said that I was too serious on all my photos. And that really stuck with me, and ever since I’ve been working on it. I have noticed though how much confidence a real smile can bring, but well sometimes the different foods and drinks can make our smile a bit duller. 

I’ve been using the ARC Whitening Strips and LED Bluelight lately and I’ve noticed the difference almost from the first day I tried them, mind you true result are visible after day 3.

You all have probably seen already SO MANY products out there that say that they’ll make your smile whiter, I mean know I see the ads on my IG feed or other influencers using charcoal stuff, lavender stuff, etc… or even home remedies like lemon juice and even BLEACH! Don’t get me wrong I’ve been tempted to try them but I also have to wonder, how is putting bleach in your mouth even safe?! This among many reasons is why I decided to give ARC WhiteningStrips and Blue Light a try. 

Seemed like a no fuzz product that with no weird ingredients and well, the blue light helps targeting stains. And if you are wondering no, you don’t have to use the light all the time. Here is how it works; you put on the strips on both your upper and bottom teeth for 25 mins. I usually do it in the mornings while I do my makeup and hair. And then 5 mins more with the light. Afterwards I like to rinse out my mouth and give it a quick brush.

I do have to say I was very surprised with how sturdy the strips are. I was always skeptic of product like this because it gave me impression that with the normal saliva in your mouth they would slip out very fast but they actually stay in place even when I speak (or sing! Haha).

My life by any means is not happy all the time but I do believe that a simple smile can turn everything around even for just a moment and even more when you feel very confident about it!

Get your bright smile on here and use my code ARCxClaudiaC fo $15 off!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ARC.  The opinions and text are all mine.

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