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RSVP Yes to All the Holiday Parties!

Photography by: Angel Torres

Work parties, friends parties, family parties. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year and an even better when it comes to fashion and what to wear to all the event we all have during the holidays.

Since it's just my hubby and I here in Minneapolis we only had a few parties to attend; Sarah Edward's Holiday party (with probably the best well dressed people in the Twin Cities), I had a Target Creative Holiday at Lee's Liquor Lounge; my first time ever there and I loved it! reminded me of all the dive bars in Austin. And last but not least we hosted a small dinner for our friends before they all traveled. We decided not to travel this time around even if we already had plans to do so because of Milo and well he is still trying to recover from that horrible week wee had with him.

With so many places to go from now until New year's I wanted to share two looks from BEBE that I have been obsessing over! I wore this red jumpsuit to Sarah's party and literally everyone had a compliment for it! and the plus side to it was that since Minneapolis is so cold right now I was able to wear fleece leggings under it and no one noticed!

I have learned through the years to wear what I want and not what people tell me I should wear. While being aware of the situation and event I am attending I have learned to pay more attention to my style than to what everyone else is wearing. When I saw this sequin dress I fell head over heels and I said to myself "I NEED THAT DRESS"; yes its loud, yes it will grab people's attention, so what? it is definitely a dress that will make a statement but that I exactly how I want to end the year, with a loud statement of how much I learned to embrace myself in 2018.

2018 was one of my very best years, it was not easy BY ANY MEANS but it was one of the years that brought me so much growth; personally, professionally, in my marriage and in the blog. I have so much to be thankful for, specially for each one of you my followers and readers who make this blog what it is!

So ready to RSVP yes to all the parties?!

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